The Dart Iron Man Challenge made its debut on Wednesday night at the Southern Iowa Speedway with a tough and talented field on hand to compete in the inaugural event for the newly-formed series for the full-fendered USRA Karl Chevrolet Stock Cars.

A familiar face found victory lane, however, as Nathan Wood of Sigourney held off Agency’s Shane Weller by less than a car-length to etch his name in the record books as the first winner of the Dart Iron Man Challenge.

The former Southern Iowa Speedway track champion and USRA Hobby Stock national champion took the lead at the halfway point of the 20-lap feature race, and then beat Weller by less than 10 feet as the pair streaked beneath the checkered flags.

Mark Elliott of Webster City came home third, with Marshalltown veteran Rick Gustin fourth and Mike VanGenderen of Newton claiming the fifth spot. Mike Bergan, Steve Jackson, Rich Vogt, Greg Elliott and Jim Mitchell finished sixth through tenth, respectively.

Defending track champion Tyler Groenendyk of Oskaloosa celebrated his 21st birthday in the winner’s circle Wednesday night with a dominating performance in the USRA Karl Performance Parts B-Mod feature. Fellow Osky racer Cayden Carter took runner-up honors, followed by polesitter Mike Wanders, Mike Shelton and Curtis Van Der Wahl.

In USRA Hobby Stock action, Centerville’s Derek Kirkland captured his career-first checkered flag at the Southern Iowa Speedway by holding off Andy Coleman of Packwood at the finish line of the 15-lap main event. Last week’s winner, Kris Walker, took third with Oskaloosa’s Steve Allen fourth and Jim Hughes of Beacon rounding out the top five.

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Wednesday’s Results

Dart Iron Man Challenge for USRA Karl Chevrolet Stock Cars

Heat 1 — 1. Nathan Wood, Sigourney, 2. Rick Gustin, Marshalltown, 3. Steve Jackson, Polk City, 4. Jim Mitchell, Webster City, 5. Ryan Leeman, Roland, 6. Logan Staley, Webster City, 7. Mark Elliott, Webster City.

Heat 2 — 1. Shane Weller, Agency, 2. Mike VanGenderen, Newton, 3. Greg Elliott, Webster City, 4. Mike Bergan, Ridgeway, 5. Rich Vogt, Fairfield, 6. Kyle Harwood, Oskaloosa.

Feature — 1. Nathan Wood, 2. Shane Weller, 3. Mark Elliott, 4. Rick Gustin, 5. Mike VanGenderen, 6. Mike Bergan, 7. Steve Jackson, 8. Rich Vogt, 9. Greg Elliott, 10. Jim Mitchell, 11. Logan Staley, 12. Ryan Leeman, 13. Kyle Harwood.

USRA Karl Performance

Parts B-Mods

Heat 1 — 1. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa, 2. Tyler Groenendyk, Oskaloosa, 3. Mike Shelton, Bloomfield, 4. Mike Wanders, Keswick, 5. Scott Davis, Madrid, 6. Matt Lettow, Roland, 7. Brad Iverson, Grinnell, 8. Curtis Van Der Wahl, Oskaloosa.

Heat 2 — 1. Brandon Hare, Elma, 2. Bill Gibson, Knoxville, 3. Jason McDaniel, Eldon, 4. Leroy Groenendyk, Oskaloosa, 5. Drew Lawson, Oskaloosa, 6. Carter VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa, 7. Chris Ammenhauser, Ottumwa, 8. Tony Johnson, Oskaloosa, 9. Tom Lathrop, Ottumwa.

Feature — 1. Tyler Groenendyk, 2. Cayden Carter, 3. Mike Wanders, 4. Mike Shelton, 5. Curtis Van Der Wahl, 6. Brandon Hare, 7. Bill Gibson, 8. L Matt Lettow, 9. Carter VanDenBerg, 10. Drew Lawson, 11. Tony Johnson, 12. Chris Ammenhauser, 13. Leroy Groenendyk, 14. Tom Lathrop, 15. Scott Davis, 16. Jason McDaniel, 17. Brad Iverson.

USRA Hobby Stocks

Heat 1 — 1. Craig Brown, Eldon, 2. Steve Allen, Oskaloosa, 3. Derek Kirkland, Centerville, 4. Andy Coleman, Packwood, 5. Scott Shull, Eldon, 6. Casey Greubel, Lacona, 7. Dale Porter, Bloomfield, 8. Donavon Nunnikhoven, Sully.

Heat 2 — 1. Kris Walker, Oskaloosa, 2. Jim Hughes, Beacon, 3. Shawn Coleman, Packwood, 4. Wes Almond, Oskaloosa, 5. Tyler Ruepke, Chariton, 6. Richie Arnold, Ottumwa, 7. Justin Hook, Oskaloosa, 8. Paul Wheeler, Des Moines, 9. Danny Thrasher, Agency.

Feature — 1. Derek Kirkland, 2. Andy Coleman, 3. Kris Walker, 4. Steve Allen, 5. Jim Hughes, 6. Dale Porter, 7. Craig Brown, 8. Donavon Nunnikhoven, 9. Justin Hook, 10. Casey Greubel, 11. Shawn Coleman, 12. Paul Wheeler, 13. Danny Thrasher, 14. Wes Almond, 15. Tyler Ruepke, 16. Scott Shull, 17. Richie Arnold.


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