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Seniors of the Oskaloosa football team with their nominated teachers for 'My Jersey, Your Impact'

OSKALOOSA — The Oskaloosa football team has started a new tradition this year in what they are calling ‘My Jersey, Your Impact.’

The seniors of the Oskaloosa football team have each nominated a teacher that has made a positive impact on them as a person. As a thank you for all they do, the seniors each gave their teacher of choice their jersey to wear on Friday.

“Actually I have to give credit to my wife, she's pretty fantastic when it comes to finding out cool ideas like that,” Oskaloosa head football coach Brett Doud said. “She helped me put that together and it's pretty cool and I was totally on board. That's something we want to keep doing because sports are huge for us, but the impact that teachers have and just anybody that's a role model in general has on our youth is huge. And that's a great way to show our appreciation, and as a teacher, I know how special that would be to have a student, a senior, pick me as someone that made an impact in their life. It's a great tradition that we can start.”

Oskaloosa (4-3, 0-3) takes on Cedar Rapids Washington (3-4, 1-2) on Friday night at 7:30 p.m. at Statesmen Community Stadium. The Indians will celebrate senior night next week in their home finale against Cedar Rapids Xavier.

Senior football players and teacher nominations:

No. 9 Donivan Tighe - Mrs. Knoot

No. 11 Will Schultz - Mr. Eversmeyer

No. 15 Keaton Flaherty - Mrs. Gritters

No. 16 Ryan Hafner - Mrs. Allison Stout

No. 17 Caleb Ophiem - Mr. Frederick

No. 21 Darryl Fane - Mr. Lenhart

No. 27 Collin Snitker - Mrs. Doud

No. 33 Landon Briggs - Ms. DeBruin

No. 43 Andres Chaves - Mrs. Dodd

No. 48 Blake Westercamp - Mrs. Visser

No. 50 Dawson Braden - Mr. Sterner

No. 52 Christian Cavan - Mr. Weinreich

No. 53 Ikaika Opheim - Mr. Ferstein

No. 68 Will Campbell - Mrs. Stam

No. 70 Warren Feudner - Mrs. Grosshans

No. 77 Bryce Beerbower - Mrs. Dewitt

No. 81 Cade Kelderman - Mr. Lorentzen

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