Wyatt Krier

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OSKALOOSA — This week’s featured baseball player is Oskaloosa junior Wyatt Samuel Krier. Krier is the son of Sam and Amy Krier.

Krier’s jersey number is two on the baseball team, and his primary position on the team is right field, but Krier can also move and play center field. If Krier is not in the outfield, you’ll find him on the mound pitching for the Indians.

Krier was born in Des Moines on Feb. 10, 2002, and has lived in Oskaloosa his whole life.

Krier was introduced to the sport of baseball at the age of 5 when he started playing t-ball. Krier then moved up to traveling ball with the Oskaloosa Storm around the age of 8.

“My first favorite memory came when we won the state championship on the Oskaloosa Storm,” Krier said. “I was happy and freaking out. Some small town team going and winning against big town try-out teams was amazing.”

Since joining the varsity team, Krier’s favorite memory came last year when Oskaloosa dominated the Little Hawkeye Conference.

“Winning the conference last year is something that sticks out to me,” Krier said. “We’ve done it four times in a row and it’s awesome to keep that record going.”

As the season gets underway, Krier is looking to accomplish his goal of having a batting average of .400 or higher. Krier didn’t keep his goals individualized either, as he wants the team to make another trip to Principal Park this summer.

Wyatt is a great personality to have on the team, and this allows him to make a lot of lasting friendships. When asked whom he’d want by his side during a zombie apocalypse, the choice was quick and easy.

“I’d chose Tyler Miller,” Krier said. “We’ve always hunted together and we’d figure out a way to survive and get it done.”

Krier couldn’t forget to mention his past teammates who got him where he is today. When I asked whom he’d love to bring back for one more season, he chose last year shortstop Alex Dejong.

“Alex is always there for me. Even today he’ll still contact me and ask how I’m doing. He’s just a great teammate,” Krier said.

As for the funniest person on the team, Krier said that title belongs to Wil Schultz and his reasoning:

“He’s just Wil Schultz… do I need more of a reason,” joked Krier.

As for Krier’s gameday ritual, he loves to listen to the genre hip hop, because it gets him hyped and ready to play against his opponents. After games, Krier likes to head over to McDonald’s and order a number two, and in case you don’t know, that is a quarter pounder with cheese.

Besides baseball, you may see Krier at the cornerback position for the Oskaloosa football team, or maybe you’ll see him on the wrestling mats. Krier said his favorite sport besides baseball is football.

“I love football because there’s nothing like playing under the lights on Fridays,” Krier said. “Also hitting kids is always a good time.”

Excluding the sports Krier participates in, Krier likes to hang out with his girlfriend Kaylee Johnson, going hunting and fishing with his buddy Tyler Miller and messing around with Owen Gordon, Cody Gunn, and Tyler Miller.

As Krier enters his final year of high school, Krier said his favorite memory was prom.

“Being able to go with Kaylee was a blast,” Krier said. “Also hanging out with all my friends, dancing and after prom made the whole night one to remember.”

Krier said his favorite subject in school is math, and it helps that his favorite teacher teaches the subject.

“Mr. Sheeley is my favorite teacher in high school,” Krier said. “He’s a great guy and an even better teacher. He’s always there to help me with math.”

To end the interview, Krier shared an athlete that he’s always looked up to.

“Peyton Manning is the one athlete that has always stuck out to me,” Krier said. “He was always great at everything he did and always set a good example.”