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Darin Van Dee won his fourth career Enduro at Knoxville Saturday.

KNOXVILLE — Darin Van Dee of Deep River took the 30th annual Fall Enduro at Knoxville Raceway Saturday night.

In a race that went the full 200 laps, the win paid him $1,000 for his efforts.

Van Dee inherited the lead when Blake Miller of Des Moines spun into the infield, striking the fence, and then made a quick stop in the pits around lap 160.

It was Van Dee’s fourth Knoxville Enduro win Miller recovered to finish second and earn $700. Last year’s winner, Ryan Humphrey of Rose Hill finished third, earning $500.

Fifteen red flag periods were encountered along the way for various reasons such as debris on the track as well for removal of stalled cars which were in a dangerous position.

Top 20 Finishers

1. Darin Van Dee, Deep River; 2. Blake Miller, Des Moines; 3. Ryan Humphrey, Rose Hill; 4. Stacy Krohnberg, Walters, Minn.; 5. Marty Erdman, Janesville, Minn.; 6. Tony Shilling, Knoxville; 7. Todd Zobel, Des Moines; 8. Rick Shilling, Knoxville; 9. Brian Clark, Knoxville; 10. Denny Binns, Knoxville; 11. Alec Kline, Knoxville; 12. Travis Damon, Knoxville; 13. Mike DeJong, Knoxville; 14. Brad Alexander, Melcher-Dallas; 15. Dave Seddon, Knoxville; 16. Brennon Ford, Altoona; 17. Trevor Flesher, Melcher-Dallas; 18. Joe Graves, Melcher-Dallas; 19. Brady Krohnberg, Walters, Minn.; 20. Chad DeJong, Knoxville

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