Meghan Moorman is softball player of the week

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OSKALOOSA — This week’s featured softball player is Oskaloosa junior, Meghan Elizabeth Moorman. Moorman is the daughter of Ben and Roxy Moorman.

Moorman primarily plays behind home plate as a catcher but mentioned she can be useful at the shortstop position.

Moorman was born in Pella in 2002 and has lived in Oskaloosa her whole life.

Moorman is currently 17 years old and has been playing softball since she was 8 years old. Moorman joined the varsity softball team during her eighth-grade year.

“One of my favorite memories before high school softball was getting second place in the world series with the Oskaloosa Blaze when we were in 12u,” Moorman said.

As Moorman enters her fourth year on the Oskaloosa softball team, she found some of her fondest memories coming from being around her teammates.

“One of my favorite memories is lifting with Taylor Wills, Abby Braundmeier and Kaylee Johnson,” Moorman said. “One reason why this moment sticks out to me is because the bar fell on me and it was really funny, but we also really get after it during lifting and make each other better while having fun.”

The memories don’t stop there for Moorman, as she wasn’t afraid to share an embarrassing moment that occurred during her first varsity appearance.

“Coach Harms put me in to bat, and as I was running to first base after a hit I fell… right on my face,” Moorman said.

Moorman is excited about the 2019 softball season and wants to make an impact for her team. Moorman listed two main goals she’s trying to achieve this year. Those goals are to bat over .400 and to get more pickoffs than last year. As for the team, it was a simple goal for Moorman.

“We want to go to Fort Dodge,” Moorman said.

Moorman has made a lot of lasting friendships over her years of being on the softball team, so it’s not surprising she picked her past teammate, Alexis Vroegh, to be by her side during a zombie apocalypse.

“I’d easily pick Alexis to be by my side. She’s not scared of anything and is very loud and tough,” Moorman said. “I feel like she’d scare the zombies away.”

Moorman continued sharing her friendships she’s made over the past few years and said if she could bring back one past teammate to be on this year’s squad, it would be Aubrey Miller.

“Aubrey was always super fun to be around,” Moorman said. “As for her skill set, she was always hitting well and I feel like that would translate well for our team.”

Last week, I interviewed Ashley Kindley and got insight into some of the personalities on this year’s softball team. Kindley said the funniest person was Meghan Moorman. When I told Moorman this, she seemed really surprised.

“Are you being serious?” asked Moorman. “I’m actually surprised she said I was the funniest person on the team… because I pick on her a lot in a joking way, but I think Abby Braundmeier and Kaylee Johnson are the funniest people on the team, especially when they’re together.”

As for Moorman’s pregame rituals, Moorman loves to listen to La La Land by Bryce Vine before heading onto the field. As for a pregame snack, Moorman will head to the concession stand to enjoy some pickle spears. If pickle spears aren’t an option, she’ll get a bag of Starbursts and hunt for the pink colored ones.

When Moorman isn’t playing in front of a sold-out crowd in Oskaloosa, she looks forward to playing at Pella High School.

“I love to go beat Pella at Pella,” Moorman said. “Nothing beats that feeling.”

Besides softball, Moorman participated in basketball her freshman and sophomore year and is currently on the volleyball team. Her passion for volleyball started young when she played on the SWING team in Oskaloosa.

“Traveling to all the SWING tournaments with Emily Richmond and Mary Nelson was always a lot of fun,” Moorman said. “Those experiences made me really love the game of volleyball.”

Moorman looks at the sport of volleyball as a great way to start the school year and loves the teammates she plays with.

“A lot of my friends go out for volleyball every year, so it makes the game a lot more enjoyable for me,” Moorman said. “It’s also a good way to have something to do at the beginning of the school year. We also have a big group of juniors, so I’m always playing with a majority of my grade.”

Excluding softball and volleyball, Moorman likes to hang out with her boyfriend, Jaden Van Roekel, hang out with her best friends and loves to paint canvases.

During her three years at Oskaloosa High School, Moorman selected two memories that have been the most fun for her so far.

“All the pool days with my friends is definitely on top of my list,” Moorman said. “The student council trip to Des Moines every year is another one of my favorites. We get to stay in Stoney Creek Hotel and go shopping at Jordan Creek.”

When talking about the excellent teaching staff at Oskaloosa, Moorman chose two teachers she felt like had a positive impact on her.

“Mrs. Gile is one of my favorites. She helps me be a leader and she’s someone I can always go and talk to,” Moorman said. “Mr. Sheeley is another favorite as well. He always helps other students succeed by working hard himself.”

To end the interview, Moorman shared a scripture from Corinthians 16:14 that means a lot to her, “Let all that you do be done in love.”