Members of Bohemian Queen.

PELLA — The tribute band “Bohemian Queen” will rock you when they perform at the Pella Opera House on Friday night.

The group will embark on the U.S. tour where they will perform the iconic songs from Queen’s wide catalog, as well as multiple costume changes by frontman Paulie Z to showcase Freddie Mercury’s most notable outfits throughout the years.

Their performance will begin at 7 p.m, with tickets costing $30 for adults and $18 for anyone under 18-years-old. 

The lineup of musicians consist of Guitarist Steve Zukowsky, Bassist/Vocalist Aaron Samson, Drummer/Vocalist Glenn Jost, and Keyboardist/Guitarist Victor Bender.

According to a news release, Paulie Z said the band “formed during the early days of the Pandemic as a fun way to collaborate and connect musically and personally at a time when everyone was feeling so isolated.”

“We truly believed Freddie’s words that ‘The Show Must Go On’ which is why we feel it’s important to remind others that no matter how tough it gets or how lonely we all feel, we have to keep going,” Paulize Z said.

In the news release, Paulie Z said he knows about pushing forward. His brother David Zablidowsky, better known as David Z, tragically died in a roadside accident in 2017 while on tour with Adrenaline Mob.

Before joining Adrenaline Mob, David was the bass player for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The two brothers have been a part of the power trio ZO2 and starred in their own TV series “Z Rock” on the IFC network.

After the band performs in Pella, their next destination will be at Martin, Tennessee. If you’d like to buy tickets, visit pellaoperahouse.org.

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