OSKALOOSA — The Oskaloosa First Church of the Nazarene has announced plans to present a Christmas musical on the evenings of Dec. 14, 15 and 16.

The presentation — “Sights and Sounds of the Season” — will be held in the church’s gymnasium that was converted to a worship center following the devastating Jan. 21 fire that destroyed the main church building.

Tim McIntire, music and worship pastor said that the temporary facility is perfect for the event that he is producing and directing.

“When the decision was made to adapt the gym for worship, a permanent stage was built for services. It’s worked well for Sundays and will work very well for this production,” McIntire said. “We’re calling the format for these evenings, dessert theatre — the audience will be seated at tables, dinner-theatre style. During intermission elegant desserts will be served along with beverages.”

McIntire, who began his assignment at the church in March, says he has produced this musical concept for the past 17 years in churches in Indianapolis, Ind., and Redding, Calif., where he has served as music and worship pastor.

Said McIntire, “We’re able to create a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes it comfortable for people to bring their friends and family to. There’ll be a mix of round and long tables with seating for nearly 300 people each evening. All seats will have good sightlines.” It’s a ticketed event with all seats reserved.

This year’s two-act presentation revolves around a troop of story tellers who are trying to find the spirit of Christmas.

In Act I they explore several light-hearted tales as diverse as the Grinch who stole Christmas and the classic Lassie-come-home story, to telling winter wonderland tales.

After intermission, they return to explore a contemporary telling of the coming of the Christ child.

According to McIntire, “It’s Broadway with actors, chorus and choreography.”

Tickets are available by calling the dedicated Sights and Sounds of the Season ticket line at 672-9701. The ticket desk at the church will open on Nov. 26. The tickets are $8 each.

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