Windjammers Unlimited delighted by Oskaloosa

Dear Editor,

I was among the 100-plus members of the Windjammers, Unlimited group that held their annual summer gathering this past week in Oskaloosa. We rehearsed and performed in your community’s outstanding auditorium and enjoyed a warm, friendly reception from everyone we met.

Oskaloosa’s community spirit and pride were on full display for the Windjammers — from the beautiful Daily Auditorium to the iconic bandstand to the wonderful shops and restaurants (and especially the renovated meeting space on the square — congrats, Alley KADTS!).

Andy Glover and the entire staff at the C. L. Barnhouse organized a memorable, one-of-a-kind event for the WJU group.

This past week’s visit was a reminder that Barnhouse operates as one of your community’s largely silent but remarkably effective Chamber of Commerce in its own right. Every band room in the states and across the world has at least one piece in its library with the bandstand on the front cover of the score and “Oskaloosa” at the bottom of every bandsman’s part.

CLB is an efficient, cutting-edge operation that still celebrates the classic concert band, a type of music that is uniquely American and enjoyed the world over. No other publisher carries the hefty catalog of circus music and, aside from actually playing under the big top, there’s no more appropriate place to celebrate this style of music than Oskaloosa.

Thanks again for your generous hospitality, and for sharing your community with this group. We hope to see you again!

Marvin Manring

Stockton, Mo.

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