To the Editor:

In the Opinion section of the Sunday, July 24 issue of the Des Moines Register are two articles about Senator Charles Grassley. I  consider the articles a 'must read' for all Iowans. One is captioned 'Grassley's Big Blunder on Health Law'; the other written by the CEO of Ottumwa Regional Health Center. 

He claims Grassley is leading the fight against soaring drug costs. I don't think so. Free Speech TV occasionally runs a film titled "Washington You're Fired." This film shows former president G. W. Bush and Grassley signing a bill for a big drug company that allowed them to repackage their drugs and effectively stopping their patents from expiring. If I recall correctly, Bush received $800,000 and Grassley $200,000 plus. This also kept other drug companies from manufacturing chaper generics. 

Does that sound to you like he's concerned about cheaper drugs for Iowans or anyone else? I recently watched a film titled 'Gunned Down'. It's about the National Rifle Association. The narrator on the film claims the NRA spends approximately thirty-seven million dollars a year in Washington, mostly to Republicans to vote on certain bills the way the NRA tells them to. Is Grassley one of the senators that has been bought and paid for by the NRA? 

Does he vote for the benefit of his constituents or the benefit of large corporations?


Merle Wilson


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