Letter to the editor:

Imagine just one man who’s capable of completely changing America’s political landscape. Imagine just one person that can publicly expose our A to Z deep political corruption. Imagine an individual so effective that he can unite the elite powers contained within our top institutions to scheme for his downfall. Imagine a man who’s never held an elected office with the audacity and tenacity to actually be running for the presidency of The United States.

Like him or not, everyone must admit that Donald Trump has accomplished all of the above…and even more.

Trump has successfully united career (corrupt) politicians from both political parties to fight against the very real possibility that their way of life may shortly come to an end. Their fear of this man’s ability to clean up…and clean out Washington, D.C. is well founded. (We should remember their names come election day.)

Trump has also finally driven all of mainstream media out into the open. They no longer exhibit any pretensions of being “fair and objective”. Their extremely low opinions of their audiences and readers is blatant (they think you’re stupid). We’ve adapted and now find ourselves forced to seek truths from sources like WikiLeaks - how sad.

Trump isn’t a political party. He’s not a “special interest”. He is nothing more than an old fashioned Patriot…driven by love of country and pure disgust for the corrupt-to-the-bone. Imagine a modern day Founding Father and you’ll understand and vote Trump.

Ed Dursky


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