A big thank you to Shelly Ragen and the Oskaloosa Herald for finally telling the landowners side of the story.

Also thanks to Florence Rempe for your story it is a great reminder that we need to appreciate what we have because those before us fought so hard to keep it going so we could have a future.

To the Mahaska county board of supervisors, especially Mark Groenendyk and Steve Wanders for voting to appeal the courts decision and for fighting for the rights of those who feel we don’t have any say in all of this.

To the SCRAA you are not listening to the people. This might have gone down a little easier if it didn’t appear to be so shady and so under the table. The airport is not needed nor is it wanted and we the people have tried to tell you and both cities of Pella and Oskaloosa city councils but does anyone listen?

We just want honest answers. So to those of you who are fighting for the rights of the landowners, whether it be on Stop the Airport From Being Built in Mahaska County’s Facebook page, speaking at the meetings, represent the landowners as their lawyer, and to all the others who fight we say a huge thank you! This fight is not over and we will continue to fight for our rights.

Keith Groenendyk

Leighton, Iowa