It is unacceptable that someone running for county supervisor would allow any of the county's farmland to be destroyed for a wanted, not needed, airport – much less Heritage and Century farms.

We want supervisors who will help protect our land, improve our roads, keep main farm to market roads open, work alongside with our county officials keeping the residents of rural Mahaska County safe and keep a balanced budget.

Steve Wanders and Steve Parker are just those men. They have strong family values, are well-educated in county operations and are actively involved in county programs. These men have proven that they are capable and qualified to do this job.

What we don't want is someone who rides the shirt tails of other politicians, does not have a clear understanding of the tax base and how it works and cannot support the county's valuable, productive family farm, Heritage farm and Century farming operations. At what point does a person say it is ok to bully and force someone to sell their Heritage and Century farm? It is that kind of person that we do not want representing our county.

Residents of Mahaska County, the June 5th primary election is extremely important. It will determine the future of our county and its ability to remain sustainable as a valuable and profitable farming community. Please get to the polls and vote for Steve Wanders and Steve Parker.

Linda Kruseman

Mahaska County

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