A letter to the Editor: I would like to recognize some very respectful citizens in Oskaloosa concerning funeral processions.

Over the past several years I have attended funerals for family members in Oskaloosa. When in the funeral procession, I have observed citizens mowing yards who turned the mower off, removing their hats and standing with their hand over their heart. Or citizens weed eating or performing other outside tasks, stopping what they were doing, removing hats, and placing their hand over their heart, giving respect to the funeral procession.

Last Saturday for my aunt's funeral was no different. Cars stopped and pulled off the road into parking lots and one person pulled over in his vehicle and then got out of his car and placed his hand over his heart. The Oskaloosa Police Officers got out of their patrol cars at different intersections and stood with their hand over their heart.

A very respectful class act from the police and the citizens of Oskaloosa.

Thank you.

Duane McClun


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