I support Drost for school board

As a former science teacher in Oskaloosa for many years, I support Carl Drost for school board.

Carl and I served together on the school board for six years. We were on opposite sides of many votes on many issues. But I can say without reservation that Carl was and is a terrific board member.

K-12 education should be grounded in what parents want for their children. The experts say this and the experts say that. The politicians weigh in. The know-it-alls shout and demand. Sometimes it is very hard to sort it all out. Carl has the intelligence, principles, experience and common sense needed for wise decisions.

Carl Drost is a voice for our children that needs to be heard.

John Heslinga


Lynette Stream deserves your vote

I state with great pride “our four children graduated from Oskaloosa High school. When Lynette is 80, my age, she will state the same, “my children graduated from Oskaloosa High School, with the same pride in her voice!

However, some say my Oskaloosa Community School System that I knew, and loved, is broken. For various reasons, including a different social/economic culture bringing new discipline problems and a break down in parent/teacher relationships and a new type child difficult to teach — WHAT ?

I say let’s bring Lynette Stream to the Oskaloosa School Board. Lynette is a young Mom who will accept no excuses for the Oskaloosa School System not being defined by excellence.

That parents would rather send their children to neighboring systems appalls me. Lynette will work to see the opposite come true, neighboring parents will want to send their precious children to the school system in Oskaloosa!

Lynette tells me she does not have all the answers. I do not expect her, or anyone else, for that matter, to have solutions “down pat”. I do know this about Lynette though, she will work hard, she will work tirelessly, Lynette cares — a bunch, her heart is in this endeavor, and she will fight for every child — no excuses!

Sandra Dusenbery


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