Letter to the editor:

To begin, I am a lifelong independent (small ‘i’) voter, 56 years of age, and have never owed nor paid allegiance to a political party. As an independent activist my entire voting life, I have shunned “belonging” to or “voting” a Party.

I just read a mailing from the Republican Party of Iowa, accusing Candidate Eric Palmer of “forgetting” to pay his property taxes 6 times and being “tracked down” by the IRS. One need only read the October 27, 2006 Oskaloosa Herald to identify that the mailing is unadulterated tripe. Reporter Jared McNeill effectively reported that Mahaska Country Treasurer Sone Scott provided accurate information to a representative of the Republican Party that refuted the accusations.

I am quite certain that the purpose of this mailing is to get an easy to read piece into voters’ hands and formulate a judgment based on it. An informed voter of our area can easily discover fact, separating it from fiction. The accusations of the Republican Party of Iowa, and Candidate Carroll’s figurative thumb print on it, are reasons that no responsible voter would support Mr. Carroll or anyone supported by the Republican Party of Iowa.

Regionally, as nationally, the Republican Party is clearly running scared. There is a great deal of objective, factual information available that supports this assertion. The only thing that could possibly keep Republican incumbents in office this election year is the “sheeple factor.” People who follow like sheep, including over a cliff, demonstrate a stubbornness and absence of objectivity that present profound danger to our very way of life.

As a result of the conduct of the prevailing Administration in Washington, D.C., and the conduct of the Republican Party of Iowa, I have become an activist in partisan politics for the first time in my life. Voters of our area — let us open our eyes and ears. Finding the answers ourselves to political questions will ensure responsible voting. If we are not informed voters, I respectfully suggest we stay home on November 7.

Mylon L. Stark


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