My letter to the editor is in response “Having a pit bull for a pet,” by Deb Van Engelenhoven.

The pit bull nanny myth has been clearly debunked and it is getting children killed. There are no primary sources that support pit bulls were ever nanny dogs. and track the daily severe pit bull attacks on people and pets nationwide. Read about the many families who have regretted bringing a pit bull-type dog into their home because of an unprovoked, severe attack on a loved one that caused disfiguring and debilitating damage or death. These families were misled by pit bull propaganda that it’s all how you raise them.

February, 2019: “Dog bite injuries to the face: Is there risk with breed ownership?” “Injuries from Pit bulls and mixed breed dogs were both more frequent and severe. Potential dog owners can utilize this data when assessing which breed to own. We recommend separating children from high-risk breeds and high-risk phenotypes reported in this study.”

A University of Arkansas for Medical Science largest dog bite study at a Georgia hospital in July 2016 came to this conclusion: “The study corroborates the largely negative interactions between pit bulls and children of any age.” The abstract states, “Pit bull bites were implicated in half of all surgeries performed and over 2.5 times as likely to bite in multiple anatomic locations as compared to other breeds.”

Pit Bull Rescue Central recommends all pit bull owners to have a “break stick”, a wedge-shaped piece of wood used to pry open a pit bull’s jaw during an attack. “Since pit bulls have a strong fighting background, we recommend that pet owners also have a breaking stick as a precaution.”

Julie Wall, national advocate for and

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