Recently I was seen by my skin doctor that comes down from Des Moines twice a week. He prescribed a topical cream that I had used before, it being fluorouracil 5 percent. Upon going to the Hy-Vee Pharmacy, I find out it was $194.00, my cost.

I went back to my doctor and asked if there was something else that would work for less. He asked if I knew where Montezuma was and I said yes, a half-hour drive north. He called Nucara Pharmacy there and prescribed the fluorouracil. I paid $65.52 for the identical cream there that Hy-Vee wanted $194.00 for.

Hy-Vee’s made by CCI Rockledge, Florida, distributed by Shear, Randolph, NJ. Nucara is made by Taro Pharmaceuticals, Haifa Bay, Israel, distributed Taro, Hawthorne, NY.

All ingredients are identical and render the same purpose. I saved $130.00 by driving 60 miles.

I know if the Democrats would come out of their retirement and help President Trump, costs would go down and medicine would be affordable

Ernest Ford, Oskaloosa

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