Letter to the editor:

The Iowa Legislators are back at the Capitol Doing there best for Big Guys while ignoring the average constituent.

I have not seen any thing to lower the enormous tax on my mini van.

I do not see where they are requiring ADC women to identify, and demand support from the father?? I have not seen any tax increase on these giant trucks that speed around tearing up our roads. I know that my mini van does not tear up any paving. The truck lobby over the last few years have got a big increase in the length of these monsters, got a big increase in the weight allowed, and a big increase in the speed limit that they can ignore, all without any tax increase. It is time to raise the Truck tax, it is they that tear up the roads.

They need to get rid of the unneeded Big Raises they gave themselves two years ago?

They are attacking The freedom to work by getting the payoff from big Labor, I urge you to stand up to union boss and vote against any attacks on out cherished Right to Work Law.

I urge you to increase funding for Stem Cell Research.

I urge you to add the $1.00 a pack cigarette tax.

I urge you to make English the only official language in school and State documents.

Quit go home, you have done enough damage already!

RR Snodgrass


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