Bottle bill must assure easy redemption

The original Bottle Bill was visionary and has served Iowa very well.

Our roadways remain far cleaner than other states without the system in place. The common-sense benefits of the law have made it very popular with Iowans. The Bottle Bill is an example of government working well to serve its people. We should not forget that the original Bottle Bill was partially the work of Legendary Republican governor Robert Ray.

If changes are to be made, care must be taken to ensure that the positive effects of the law are not undermined.

The original Bottle Bill ensured there would be a convenient place for redemption by asking the stores who sold the product to do the redemption. How will the changed bill make that same assurance? What if 2 cents isn’t enough to get redemption centers to open up separate from grocery stores?

While it may seem to make sense to separate the redemption process from the inside of our grocery stores, why haven’t the grocery stores already done it? There is nothing stopping them now.

The Grocery Industry has tried for years to kill the Bottle Bill. They’ve failed, mostly, because Iowans are smart enough to realize how beneficial the law has been.

Any change to the Bottle Bill must assure that redemption is at least as easy as it is today, or the benefits that Governor Ray envisioned and Iowans have enjoyed will be undermined. Without that assurance changes to the Bottle Bill should be opposed.

Mike Foster