Dear Editor,

In a past life, I was a junior bookkeeper at a local grain elevator. We had 10-key calculators with a paper trail. My supervisor’s rule was that if a page didn’t balance, I had to do it over twice – once from the top down and once from the bottom up, and then I had to attach both papers, so she could double-check my double-check. Her name and reputation were on the line.

The same goes for the race between Rita Hart and Marinette Miller-Meeks. OK, errors were made. But errors happen. We are human. Why not double check?

In a race that is separated by a difference of just 6 votes, why not recount again? If some recount watchers thought that ballots were not counted correctly, why not go back and recount a second time?

Shouldn’t both sides want to make sure that all votes were counted, especially the military and those living overseas? Shouldn’t all voters want to know that all votes were correctly counted?

If Miller-Meeks is sure that the votes were recounted correctly, why would she care if the votes are recounted? In fact, she should be the first to request a second recount. The integrity of Miller-Meeks is on the line.

Ann Fields, Knoxville

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