Dear Editor,

During my lifetime, I have never seen Democrat vs Republican as bad it is now. In order to get things done, we must be willing to reach across party lines and work together for the betterment of our communities. With this mentality, I have given my endorsement to Kathryn Kaul-Goodman for Mahaska County Supervisor.

I am a proud Republican, and she is a proud Democrat. But what we both want is an even better Mahaska County, with strong cities. I have had great conversations with her, and she has been completely open to my feedback as a citizen and as a city councilor. While I am sure we won’t always see eye to eye, I envision a strong working relationship built on respect if she is elected. So if you’re a registered Republican or independent in Mahaska County, I encourage you to truly look at the candidates rather than just voting a straight party ticket.

Leslie Van Wyk, New Sharon

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