Dear Editor,

In the recent general election held Nov. 6, 2020, record voter turnout occurred nationally and here in Iowa. Since the guiding principle of our government is a representative democracy, we should be celebrating.

The Iowa Legislature, responding to a nationally-coordinated political push is advancing a bill to make voting and public service more difficult. It requires a written voter-generated absentee ballot request, shortens the time for both the request and early voting, increases the number of signatures needed for candidacy, and imposes other penalties and restrictions designed to make citizen participation and administration burdensome.

This appears to be a solution where the courts have ruled that no problem exists, and punishing Iowans seeking a safe and effective method to vote, given their busy lives. When the Iowa Legislature seeks to serve as a conduit for national political gain rather than responding to the needs and wishes of Iowans, then democracy is seriously undermined.

Gary Capps, Oskaloosa

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