To The Editor:

When you look beyond the virtually meaningless back-and-forth between Hillary and Donald, it becomes clear that somebody is ‘yanking our chain’.

Consider the two recent Conventions:

• At her ‘Hillary in Philly Rally’ Hillary stressed the lofty concepts of ‘love and togetherness’ but failed to tell us how those might realistically be achieved. At ‘Donny in Cleveland’, Donald stressed the problems confronting America and how they would be corrected.

• In spite of our dismal economy, nearly non-existent foreign policy, and more, Hillary told us that ‘America is already great’. However, see didn’t explain why. Donald told us that America was once great and will certainly be great again.

• Hillary allocated most of her time denigrating Donald. Donald spent most of his time addressing the real priorities in America.

Now, the above clearly demonstrate that one candidate deliberately misleads us, while the other tells us the truth.

Thank you,

Joe O’Hara

Ocala, Florida

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