To the Publisher,

I enjoyed your article in the paper about a few fair experiences. My mother likes to tell about going with her folks to the state fair. We lived half way between Taintor and Peoria and they would drive a team to Osky, board the train to Des Moines and return the same day. They would leave home at 3 a.m. and get home 24 hours later at 3 a.m.

John Ankeny was telling about some things they did at the fair and I reminded him that years ago they laid a rail track in the infield and crashed two locomotives in front of the grandstand. That was in Des Moines.

There used to be a round house straight east of the Osky fair grounds and a relative took my brother and I over and showed us how they turned a train engine around.

When I was a teenager in the 40s I showed a purebred brown swiss heifer. I got a blue ribbon; I was the only one in my class. I did not go to the state fair but I could have. 

Just a few years ago I read where the "Trick Ponies" were going to perform in our fair. I even asked a friend that liked horses to go with me. I got my ticket, started in and realized it was a rock band. I put it in reverse, went to the ticket counter and got my money back. Ph well. 

The things at the fair I have always enjoyed were the shows that had animals, like dogs or trained animals of any kind. 

In 1951 I was stationed at Wright-Patters AFB in Dayton, Ohio. I had my Harley with me and I and a friend rode to Columbus to the Ohio State Fair. Later that summer I was home on leave and I attended the Iowa State Fair. In December I took a ride on a troop ship and ended up in the Hawaiian Islands. I was stationed at Hackam Field. The Hawaii State Fair was on and I went to it. I probably won't attend three state fairs in one year again. 

The Hawaii State Fair was a lot like our county fair. Not a lot of livestock or machinery. The whole Island of Oahu is the size of Mahaska County. It does have a little more water around it. It was an interesting assignment and I stayed there til the Korean Conflict was over. Sherill was able to join me for most of my tour. 

Don Boyd

New Sharon

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