To the editor,

I have pondered the worth of writing this letter for a long time. I am older and have observed that people will not vote for any other party no matter whether that party promotes abortion and the gay agenda even if they are against those issues. The hard turn of the Democrat Party to the left and the following of Bernie Sanders (a declared socialist) is a real source of disgouragement to me. When you listen to Hillary talk about the "economy" all you hear is plans for forced wealth distribution for child care, health care, education, minimum wage, etc, you name it. 

When the government usurps that power of ofrced government redistribution you are talking about genuine loss of freedom. It destroys the productivity of the country when the government is constantly meddling and disrupting and gumming up the works with taxation, regulation and things like Obamacare (government designed healthcare). Now insurance companies are losing money in the Obamacare market - they want compensation for their cooperation - in exchange for campaign contributions. Do you see how when large business and government get together the taxpayers get the bill. The price of healthcare doesn't get lowered it just makes things more costly and inefficient. 

If I'm losing money raising corn and the government offers to bail me out am I going to have to compete or improve my efficiency? Of course not. This is why the American economy is sluggish in growing and creating jobs and has 2 percent or less growth. If the Democrats gain permanent ascendancy you will see this poor economic performance as the new norm. 

People do not work hard and produce if the government robs them of the fruit of their labors and gives that to unproductive people. Donald Trump may have his character flaws but he understands what makes an economy work. Bill and HIllary knows that wealth redistribution buys votes.

Liberal Democrats believe in a living, breathing Constitution – in other words you can make it say whatever you want it to. A Constitution under liberal judges will not protect us from the encroachments of the state – another avenue to loss of freedom. You don't control your income and you don't have protection of life, wealth, conscience and the right to bear arms, among many freedoms we now enjoy. We are losing it, folks, our freedoms and control of our own life. Hillary is just another notch in that direction. 

Marvin Van Haaften


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