Letter to the editor:

Alternate universes work great for sci-fi movies but in real life…not so much. Philadelphia’s Democrat Convention was a four-day presentation of a nation and world not recognizable to us small people.This event, presented by America’s corrupt political elite, was nothing more than a wall-to-wall orgy of ‘let them eat cake’, back slapping and self-congratulating…followed with tales of success that would breed envy in the hearts of our best fiction writers.

Somehow these players overlooked an economy barely treading water. They neglected to mention just how many millions of America’s poorest workers have been forced out of full-time employment by Obama Care and now hold two or more part-time jobs to simply exist. They made light of a world on fire…even as Islamic terrorists sawed the head off a French Catholic priest. They passed over the worst racial division seen in 50 years…and, instead, embraced organizations that promote cop killing as being heroes in this brave new world.

Democrats made it painfully clear that they view us as nothing more than ignorant peasants who should not only be grateful for their mere existence…but should be clamoring for even more of their excellence…come this November. (Oh yeah…and that everything negative you’ve been hearing about these royals…is the Russians fault.)

Ed Dursky


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