A new trade agreement connecting the United States, Canada and Mexico is a good deal for Iowa’s farmers.

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement became effective on July 1, replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement that had been in place since 1994.

It is a massive document that brings together the three nations. Within it are many opportunities to increase the exports of Iowa’s farmers to the countries that are the two largest export markets for American farm products. In 2018, those countries accounted for more than $39.7 billion in food and agricultural exports.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue summed it up this way: ”USMCA creates more market access for farmers from across our nation to sell their wholesome and nutritious products to our closest neighbors. This is a better deal for America that will grow our economy and put more money in the pockets of American families.”

These elements of the agreement are expected to benefit America’s farmers:

• Elimination of a Canadian milk pricing plan that allowed low-priced Canadian products to undersell American products.

• Supports 21st century innovation in agriculture, such as gene splicing.

• Requiring sanitary standards based on science.

• Supporting processed fruits from American producers.

• Expanded access to Canada for American chicken, turkey and eggs.

• Providing tariff-free access to Canada and Mexico for nearly all American agricultural commodities

This trade agreement will put money in the pockets of Iowa farmers while giving our neighbors in Canada and Mexico access to wholesome foods from the Hawkeye State.

A lot of leaders from the government and the private sector were responsible for putting this deal together. We thank them for their efforts and hope that they can get the same kinds of results in future trade negotiations with other countries.

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