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There’s a lot of data when it comes to schools. Generally, it’s housed at the state or federal level. At a mere whim, you can see enrollment data, the number of students in special education, the results of standardized testing, how many teachers there are in relation to students, you name it.

If you reside in a nursing home and are not getting needed care, you might be afraid to complain. You don’t want to offend or anger the people who feed and bathe you. You don’t want to be labeled uncooperative and discharged.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday needlessly poked a hole in Thomas Jefferson’s “wall of separation between church and state.” By a 5-4 vote, the court ruled in a case from Montana that if a state provides a tax break that benefits students at a secular private school, it must include private rel…

Over the last week, COVID-19 has unmasked the faces of our neighbors and ourselves. It wasn’t always pretty.

On Wednesday, June 14, a lone gunman opened fire on members of the Republican Congressional charity baseball team, severely wounding Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise as well as three other people. The gunman later died at a hospital, leaving our nation to wonder what motive was behind the attack…

I have been here in town now for more than two weeks. It has been a lot of fun so far getting to know the staff here at the Oskaloosa Herald, as well as the two other newspapers I am tasked with supervising—the Pella Chronicle and the Knoxville Journal Express.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of being a part of the Mahaska County Relay for Life event. An American Cancer Society event, the relay raises money before, during and after the event to help with the fight against cancer.

Too many people don’t like the news media because of the conventional notion, advanced by our critics, that journalists are cavalier with the facts and report the news with bias.

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