Love In the Name of Christ (INC) of Mahaska County is a partnership of churches working together to transform lives. It is governed by an active local board.

Love INC mobilizes church volunteers to help our neighbors through relationships. We desire to create an environment that allows our neighbors to thrive, not merely survive.

We seek to see everyone’s value, help them reach their potential, invest relationally, require participation, respond with discernment, and serve in ways that transform. We want to empower individuals and help them start thinking beyond today.

We are thankful for United Way funds that help in two ways. The first is with financial assistance. Rent, deposit and utility assistance may be given once per year to those who qualify. In our Clearinghouse, we seek for each person to feel listened to, encouraged, and loved.

People are so much more than the need they present. We do require that the entire needed financial amount be covered and that their budget is manageable going forward. If not, another solution will be sought. Last year 461 households’ needs were met.

Volunteers and staff at Love INC always offer long-term assistance through our Foundations classes and mentoring program (formerly Growing Hope). Classes are offered in 12-week sessions on Thursday evenings. Materials are free, as well as dinner and childcare provided.

This is the second way United Way funds help. The core of our Foundations classes is Affirming Potential and Faith and Finance. We believe in a wholistic approach. Poverty can be relational, emotional, physical and/or spiritual. Affirming Potential starts the process to healing in each of those areas. Faith and Finances helps teach people how to manage their money, so that their money doesn’t manage them.

Incentives are offered for completing homework, etc. “It’s helped me move forward in life and do more. I pay more attention to what I spend,” said one student. Another shared, “I didn’t really want to do the financial part because I was so embarrassed of how much debt I was in, but during class I realized I needed it. God used my mentor to tell me He has a new beginning for my life. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me!”

To learn more, please call Love In the Name of Christ at 641-676-3750 or visit our website at

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