Mugs or Hugs

Each week, Publisher Deb Van Engelenhoven selects mugs (“let’s talk about that over coffee,” and hugs (“that’s wonderful; well done!”)


• Hug to Deb Beal at Enchanted Gifts for helping me find just what I was looking for. What a cute little shop. If you haven’t stopped by to see them yet, you should.

• Hug to John Jacobs for bringing me, once again, something that made me smile. Published in the Oskaloosa Weekly Herald Feb. 13, 1890 it goes like this: NOT ENOUGH – One evening recently a young lady of a neighboring city asked a young gentleman if he could transpose the letters in “enough” so as to form two words which meant not enough. He took pencil and paper and struggled over the problem some time, when suddenly his face was illuminated by a look of joy. The characters stood out before him in this form: “one hug.”

• Hug to the Rotary Club for, once again, providing holiday food baskets to those that need them.

• A hug to Michella Friesen who suggested that we give a hug to the Oskaloosa Bands. “They have worked so hard on their marching band show and received a Division 1 rating at state. Also all of the band parents who help with marching band season.”

• A big hug to Luke Bentley and his students at William Penn University. I really enjoyed my time in the classroom discussing leadership. Speaking of leaders, a hug to Oskaloosa Police Chief Ben Boeke who was my partner in the class.

• A hug to Stop and Go – you can buy a Herald or pick up a Shopper there now.


• To whatever “crud” is going around this community. Seems like everywhere I go there is someone suffering from it.

• A mug to those that we can never put on speaker phone. You know who you are and why we can’t put you on speaker phone.

• A mug to the continued construction on A Avenue. How many times do we have to work on the same highway?

• A mug to Mother Nature for not making up her mind if it is going to be cold, hot or in between.

• To all of the motion-activated Halloween decorations. I mean, how many times do you need to startle an old lady anyway?

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