Mugs or Hugs

Send Mugs or Hugs ideas to or drop them in the mail: Oskaloosa Herald, 1901 A Avenue West, Oskaloosa, Iowa 52577.

Mugs are given to people, places, things or ideas that I feel could or should be discussed over a cup of coffee.

Hugs are given out to people, places, things or ideas that I feel are deserving of a hug. — Deb


• First, we have to give a ginormous Hug to the Oskaloosa High School Boys Basketball State 3-A Champions. So proud of them.

• A great big hug to Mother Nature for finally bringing us some sunshine and some warmer temperatures.

• A definite hug goes to the Prostate Cancer Survivor Group. I met a couple of their members and they truly deserve several hugs.

• A hug to 911 Director Cheryl Eklofe and her crew at the 911 Center for everything they do. Did you know they are the first Total Response Accredited Center in the State of Iowa?

• Hugs to the Oskaloosa Middle School students that were selected and performed with the 2019 Southeast Iowa Bandmasters Association Honor Band.

• The Oskaloosa Shooting Team for their upcoming (March 16) Pancake Breakfast and bottle/can drive. Who doesn’t love pancakes for a good cause?

• Warmest of hugs to all the volunteers at Mahaska Health Partnership. You make everything better.

• Hugs to the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Sheriff, 911 Center Director and MHP CEO for sharing news from their departments at Eggs and Issues on Saturday. If you haven’t been to Eggs and Issues – March 23 will be your last chance for this year.

• Hugs to the person who opens on the first day we can get a Sno Biz.


• To whoever left the shopping cart in the middle of the road – shame on you. Pouring down rain on Saturday and I had to get out of my car to move the cart.

• Changing gas prices. Especially the days that the prices go up. I can never count on it to be the same price two days in a row.

• The really slick curbs all over town. Surely we can spread a little ice melt closer to the curb.

• To those shoppers that get angry because they have to wait in line. Life is too short to worry about who was in line first and how long it will take.

• All the parents that are complaining that the snow days are now making it necessary to go to school into June conflicting with other things.