Each week, Publisher Deb Van Engelenhoven selects mugs (“let’s talk about that over coffee,” and hugs (that’s wonderful; well done!).


• To all of those that serve and have served in the military.

• Heidi Scholes and her helpers at William Penn Residence Life for their efforts to provide winter clothes for William Penn University students.

• To those that become someone’s sunshine when their skies are gray.

• To Alice Miller and Debbie Besco. Running into you made my day.

• Those who know that their actions are what prove who they are. Words only prove who they pretend to be.

• To CrossFit OFC for their two weeks Free program. If you have been wanting to try CrossFit, now is the time.


• To the February weather in November. Below-average temperatures and snowfall are not my idea of a good time.

• To those that just can’t seem to stop being mean when talking about politics, visiting politicians or the upcoming caucuses.

• To everyone that is in a holiday relationship with Amazon already.

• To those that don’t understand that you have to be stronger than your excuses.

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