It's not an easy lesson to learn, but I've realized that there's a right time for everything. As long as you keep believing, the time for realizing your dreams will come to pass. We don't always know why things happen the way they do, and it's sometimes hard to see the big picture.

I worked with my father and his publisher Ted for many years to turn their books into films. The first producer I approached was an Academy Award winner and produced the first film I starred in. He enthusiastically agreed to make my father's first book, but it ended up falling through. What happened? It wasn't the right time.

Soon after, I had meetings with the head of a production company owned by an Academy Award-winning producer of Schindler's List. They optioned the book and contractually agreed to make the film. They hired me to co-write the screenplay, and when we finished the script, they paid casting directors, held auditions, and even scouted shooting locations in Vancouver. Suddenly, after we had almost finished pre-production, they decided to stop. What happened? It wasn't the right time.

Shortly after that, I met with a six-time Oscar-nominated Irish director. He agreed to direct the film and re-write the screenplay. When he finished the script, the project didn't move forward. What happened? It wasn't the right time.

Oddly enough, we found another Academy award-winning producer to write, produce and direct another of my father's books. After writing the screenplay and making much headway, the project came to a halt. What happened? It wasn't the right time.

Five years ago, I excitedly called my dad and Ted. I explained a new plan to get the books made into movies and simultaneously start what I thought would be a revolutionary business. We spent over a year developing and fine-tuning the concept.

We found an investor that believed in our idea and gave us the money to make it happen. We hired what we thought was an innovative and forward-thinking web developer to bring our concept to fruition. He contractually agreed to build it within six months. During the six months, I worked tirelessly to do everything necessary to help him finish the job.

I promoted the platform heavily as we moved closer to launch based on his word. Towards the end of the six months, the platform seemed to work, but something wasn't right. To my horror, I discovered he only built a shell of what he was supposed to make, and it was only about 15% complete. I looked like a fool. Here I was promoting the platform to hundreds of people, and I was being lied to the whole time. He ran off with the money, and some said my dream, but I didn't see it like that; if you genuinely believe in your dream, nobody can steal it from you.

For three long days, I prayed hard for a miracle, and on the fourth day, my brother-in-law, a military contractor whose job has always been top secret, told me he heard what happened and that he could help finish the platform. I had no idea he knew how to code.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise that our previous developer was so deceitful. My brother-in-law explained that the way he built the platform was so shoddy it would have broken down as soon as a dozen people logged in. It wasn't the right time, and he wasn't the right developer.

Determined never to let that happen again, I learned to write code by enrolling in UCLA Coding Boot Camp. Since graduation, my brother-in-law and I have put on some final touches before launching the next phase. I'll say this; It's starting to look like the right time.

This story is almost a little too personal for me to write about, but I decided to do it in the hopes of helping you overcome the hurdles in your own life and encouraging you to carry on. Things won't always happen the way you want. Believe strongly in your dreams but be relaxed about how they occur. Things will happen when and how they should, and it's not always what you expect.

Toby Moore is a columnist, the star of Emmy - Nominated A Separate Peace, and the CEO of Cubestream Inc

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