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Deb Van Engelenhoven

Oh, to be in Iowa in the fall.

I arrived home from work this week to find that the trees and the lawn had begun to show signs of fall colors during the few short hours of my absence.

Immediately my outlook on life took one giant leap in a better direction. Don’t get me wrong – I like summer and all the warmth that it brings with it. But there is something about fall that makes me feel warm and secure. It is my favorite time of the year.

All of this from one sighting of orange and yellow and brown you ask? Not really. This has been steadily creeping up on me. The sweet samples of fall have come with a cool breeze off and on that awaken the feelings I get each year when the season turns from summer to fall.

I truly love the smells of cinnamon and pumpkin spice and baked apple pie. I can’t help but want to spend extra time searching the aisles at the grocery store for pumpkin spice oatmeal or a new variety of pumpkin spice cookies or the newest fragrance in fall candles.

Just talking about all those spices makes me want to dig into an apple pie or pumpkin bars or something loaded with lots of cinnamon. I really, really like pumpkin bread too. But I miss the home-churned butter that we put on it growing up. Wow – now I have made myself terribly hungry writing this column.

I guess I really like that fall is the season that transitions us from the hot to the cold. It is our reprieve from both extremes. The arrival of fall also means that we are getting closer to Halloween, Thanksgiving and, yes, Christmas. It sets the stage for all of the good things to come.

Even though the leaves are dead, watching them dance in the wind always puts a smile on my face and I feel a contentment in my heart for some reason. Fall always helps me adopt a new outlook on life too.

I don’t know what it is like in other parts of the country in the fall but I think Iowa has to be one of the best places to spend time in the fall. The colors are vibrant and the landscapes are beautiful this time of year.

I have looked at some fall photos already that some friends have taken. Not just the landscapes but the sunsets too. Our Iowa sunsets in the fall are magnificent.

Before it gets too cold we all need to take a drive around the countryside and marvel at the beauty of fall in Iowa. I know I am going to.

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