I had another visitor this week. This time a very dear old friend, Rosie Shafer, came to see me. I can see all of you smiling at the thought Rosie brings to your mind because you rarely see Rosie without a big smile on her face, and that smile is contagious.

I know that when I spotted her at the front desk I immediately began to smile. I was so excited and happy to see her.

She brought me three clippings from old newspapers that she had saved. She felt that our readers could use a little encouragement and cheering up from each of them right now.

I marveled at the idea that she had kept clippings and used them as inspiration in her daily life. The relationship our readers have with our newspaper continues to make my heart smile.

The first clipping she showed me is a recipe originally published November 5, 1963 in The Oskaloosa Herald. It is a recipe for a Happiness Cake. The recipe claims that regardless of how you mix it you will have success. I think that every person should take at least one serving of this cake and enjoy it each day.


1 cup of kind deeds

1 cup of good thoughts

1 cup of consideration for others

2 cups sacrifice for others

3 cups of forgiveness

2 cups well-beaten faults

Mix thoroughly and add tears of joy, fold in 5 cups of prayer and faith to lighten all other ingredients and raise texture to great heights of character. After pouring this into your daily life, bake well with the heat of human kindness.

Serve with a smile any time and it will satisfy the hunger of starved souls.

The second clipping is one of “The Man on the Corner Says” tidbits that we ran in the paper each week. In real life “The Man on the Corner” was John Eberline. He was a reporter and editor at The Herald and a local treasure for sure.

I love the one that Rosie selected. I have reproduced it here though Rosie did not know which paper it came from. This particular day The Man on the Corner wanted our readers to know that “If you do not wish to trade with the devil, keep out of his shop.”

And, finally, she brought me a Family Circus clipping from an old Herald. Once again, she did not know what paper she had clipped it out of. I have reproduced it here for your enjoyment as well.

Your visit meant the world to me, Rosie, and thank you for bringing me these thoughts to share with our readers today.

In a world where there is much anger and sadness, I think that smiles like yours are just what we need right now.