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Remember back in the spring when we heralded our health care workers who so bravely faced this new enemy known as COVID-19?

“I used to pray that God would feed the hungry, or do this or that, but now I pray that he will guide me to do whatever I'm supposed to do, what I can do. I used to pray for answers, but now I'm praying for strength. I used to believe that prayer changes things, but now I know that prayer ch…

My mother taught me many things. She gave me the gift of curiosity. She questioned everything and encouraged her children to do the same. She spent her early teen years as a short order cook and waitress. With her experience she taught me to cook and enjoy the creativity of the process.

Last year, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, I joined a congressional delegation trip to visit U.S. troops, including Iowans, deployed in the Middle East. As a former company commander in Kuwait and Iraq, I understand the significance of our elected leaders being on-the-ground in warzones a…

I was welding away on the last sculpture for my art show in Fort Madison. In fact, I had just completed the last weld when my MIG wire welder started smoking and flames shot out of the front. I stopped welding and fortunately the flames and smoke subsided. What in tarnation?!

Soft music plays constantly in Rich and Pat Pendroy's home in Monroe, and in his man cave, which is in the rear of their garage that they converted to a workshop. Rich doesn't say it, but the soft music helps calm his nerves that are frazzled from the explosions and gunfire he went through i…

I always find it fascinating what triggers us. As an author and a columnist, I’ve learned to thicken my skin and brace myself for criticism. Anytime any of us put ourselves out there, whether we run for office, create something, or perform publicly, you must expect and accept criticism. It’s…

When the Iowa Legislature wrote the state’s public records law 50 years ago, lawmakers wanted to guarantee that anyone could obtain copies of state and local government records that are not designated by statute to be kept confidential.

I had the shingles 10 years ago, plus the shingles vaccination. I should be good to go, right? Evidently not.

I think we’ve heard enough about politics for a lifetime. I know I have, so I think it’s important to talk about something totally different but almost as important ...

Jane and Mark McConeghey of Monroe, Iowa, have always been innovative farmers, caring for their land like it was one of their children. A lot of it stems from education.

I guess his hit song, “Born to Run” may turn out to be prophetic. Bruce Springsteen announced last week that if President Trump wins re-election, he’ll be on the next plane to Australia.

There is more content available today about the upcoming election than likely in any previous cycle. While we could fill this page with media sources that have some type of information about the election, most people find their election information on social media (like Facebook and YouTube)…

I always marveled when watching film clips of British Parliament as they would shout, boo, and speak over any person at the podium they disagreed with. I always thought it was rude and was certain we’d never act that way in the USA. Boy ... was I wrong!

There is one week set aside each year to salute newspapers for the important role they have played in our nation, a role that goes back to the beginning of these United States.

Noble, friendly, protector, dog rescuer, ready smile, popular, motivated, giving, outgoing, receptive to feedback, empathetic, thankful, eloquent, determined, caring, respectful, veteran, proud, charming, role model, universally loved by patients, heroic, Mayor of MacNeal, kind, precise, sel…

Northeast of Bloomfield or southeast of Floris is what might be considered an outdoor museum of not only old farm plows, but also old tractors, combines, balers, one-row pickers, hay rakes, running gears, horse-drawn sickle mowers, planters and miscellaneous farm equipment and gadgets too nu…

Life is rarely as we plan it. What we expect often turns out differently and we are reluctantly forced to adjust accordingly. Riding the waves of life is what we make of it. It can be waves of frustration or we can allow those same waves to take us on a fascinating journey.

I awoke this morning, thinking, “When pessimists pick up a brick, they throw it, but when optimists pick up the same brick, they build something positive and useful.”

On September 18, the Herald printed a letter to the editor in which the writer tossed a lot of personal invectives at me, saying that I’m “the kind of person that promotes fear, anger, misogyny and would probably react by saying, ‘Boys will be boys.’” And the charge of "inspiring small-mindedness that causes cowardice and bigotry in the middle of the night." The writer gives no examples to substantiate those bizarre claims.

I awoke this morning, thinking, “When pessimists pick up a brick, they throw it, but when optimists pick up the same brick, they build something positive and useful.”

I awoke this morning in a different place. Everything is new. I rose around 3 a.m. and walked straight into a wall. I thought for a moment that I broke my nose. I did not. Everything is unfamiliar, yet this is our new home.

Today, I’m in my home working on the final column that I’ll pen from this location. Next week, I’ll write my first column from our new home.

On Aug. 27, the night before Ginnie’s birthday, the moon and Mars lined up side-by-side, announcing Ginnie’s grand and glorious birthday. Ginnie and I viewed it together, her eyes starry, wondering what I had in store for her big day.

I heard once that the first half of our life is spent accumulating things, while the second half is getting rid of those very same things. In our case, time has been more heavily weighted to accumulation, while getting rid of them has been a more sudden and quicker event.

“Nurtured and pampered by parents who didn't want to make the mistakes of the previous generation, millennials are confident, ambitious and achievement-oriented. They also have high expectations ... tend to seek new challenges ... and aren't afraid to question authority.” The Balance Careers.

Six years ago, I was standing at the base of a dam near Pella, Iowa, for an historic moment. On that hot day in August of 2014, Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Missouri River Energy Services broke ground on one of our most ambitious projects to date: retrofitting the dam at Lake Red Rock to produce …

The coronavirus has changed the way we work, in many cases forever. The pandemic has also brought into sharp focus the powerless state of workers here in Iowa and the employer-driven policies that intentionally keep it that way.

Life is an incredible journey, full of twists and unexpected turns. We are herd animals and were not created to make this journey alone.

There’s a lot of data when it comes to schools. Generally, it’s housed at the state or federal level. At a mere whim, you can see enrollment data, the number of students in special education, the results of standardized testing, how many teachers there are in relation to students, you name it.

Families gotta start back getting together for Sunday dinner and family reunions...not just funerals.

Ernie Schiller is a well known figure in Lee Country and southeast Iowa, as well as northwest Missouri, eastern Illinois, the University of Iowa and Iowa State University, Washington, D.C., Nepal, the list goes on.

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