Left needs to stop bashing conservatives

To the Editor,

It is becoming noticeable with the onset of Trump how the left (Democrats) thinks you are supposed to influence public policy, by always claiming that anyone who disagrees with them is “controversial” and “extreme,” “fringe” or “not mainstream.”

The people on the left seem not to have to worry about their jobs and have a lot of time to protest, particularly public unions whose salaries the hard-working, non-protesting taxpayers have to cough up on demand, or the sky will fall!

These are the quiet, hard-working, non-protesting people that elected Trump and Republicans. When you are bashing him, you are bashing the rest of his “basket of deplorables.” We don’t scream and yell and carry on — we just go to work everyday and we pay our own bills, and the bills of a lot of public union employees who are seemingly increasingly ungrateful.

If you want more pay, then let me see higher student scores. Twenty-five years ago, Iowa was at the top of the educational heap — you think you deserve more for doing less? Every year? Forever and ever a 4 percent raise no matter the quality of your product? Fantasy land! That’s where the left dwells. Who do I protest to when the price of corn, beans and cattle go down by 50% and my property tax which pays your salary and benefits goes away?

Marvin Van Haaften


Town hall protesters don’t speak for all


The recent raucous town hall meetings for Iowa’s Congressional representatives are a showcase for heckling, but they the protestors don’t speak for mainstream Americans. According to reports, the protests are being trained by the Des Moines-based Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. Iowa CCI, which advocates to stop certain businesses from opening across Iowa, is so extreme it’s been condemned by both state Republicans and Democrats. It has a track record of encouraging law-breaking and even protesting at people’s homes.

The country is already divided. It would be nice if protestors focused on disagreeing — and not being disagreeable.

Rudy Daniels

Sioux City

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