JAN. 3

The Jeff and Pam Van Sant Trust dated Nov. 11, 2015, to Matthew W. Patterson and Molly M. Patterson; the property of 1200 Hwy. 102, Pella.

Willard Uitermarkt and Judy Uitermarkt, to Bryan and Penny Williams; the property of 1116 S. Market St., Oskaloosa.

Clint Weston and Ashton Lynne Long, to Brent Van Weelden; the property of 1246 310th St., Bussey.

Loren G. Knox and Donna R. Knox, by Loren G. Knox, POA, to James E. Clousing and Donna R. Clousing; the property of 14 Fairway Drive, Oskaloosa.

James and Marilyn Brummel to Davis Property Manager, LLC; the property of 1004 N. Market St., Oskaloosa.

Pothoven Farms, LLC to Zachary and Carissa Vander Linden; the property of 1428 Eaton, Pella.

Dennis E. Houser and Catherine J. Houser to Carrie Houser and Bruce Kilne; property in New Sharon.

Jan. 4

Bonnie Bailey to Timothy R. McMullen; the property of 608 S. First St., Oskaloosa.

Timothy R. McMullen and Donna Miller to Michael J. Schreiner and Erin M. Schreiner; the property of 608 S. First St., Oskaloosa.

Jan. 5

Michael L. Terpstra and Marcia J. Terpstra, to Mark Allen Kopp; the property of 902 Bethel, University Park.

Jan. 8

U. S. Bank National Association to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; the property of 211 B Ave. W., Oskaloosa.

Keith M. Reisetter to Mark Smith; the property of 1006 High Ave. E., Oskaloosa.

Jan. 9

Trisha K. Benson to Steven Nicholson; the property of 403 S. Washington, New Sharon.

Randy K. Parlett to Charles J. Caylor; the property of 1410 S. Market St., Oskaloosa.

Alice Van Maanen to Ashley Ehret; the property of 1101 Ninth Ave. E, Oskaloosa.

Jan. 11

Andersons Country Store, LLC, to Doug M. Vershuure; the property of 307 Kilbourn, Beacon.

Jan. 12

Ervin Edel and Marilyn Edel to Corey Danner; the property of 3008 Burlington Road., University Park.

Jan. 16.

Circo, LLC, to Jesse Wesley Lee Van Dalen; the property of 1309 Ninth Ave. E, Oskaloosa.

Jennifer Main and Chad Main, to Larco Properties, LLC; the property of 501 S. Market St., Oskaloosa

Jan. 17

Rudy VanMersbergen and Stephanie Van Mersbergen to VM Family Farm, LLC; property in Mahaska County.

VM Family Farm, LLC to Rudy Van Mersbergen adn Stephanie Van Mersbergen, property in Mahaska County.

Kyle Anderson to Michael VanderVeen; the property of 1802 South Park, Oskaloosa.

Martin Duffy and Elisabeth E. Duffy to Rock Island Tap, LLC; a part of the former Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company's station grounds.

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