Barbara Pasa

Barbara Pasa walks into the courtroom on Sept. 20, during her trial on murder and arson charges.

ALBIA — Barbara Pasa will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Barbara Pasa, 47, of Centerville, was convicted by a jury in September of first degree murder and arson in the death of her husband, Timothy Pasa. The Monroe County jury found Barbara Pasa guilty of both counts after deliberating just more than three hours.

Back in court on Friday, she received a mandatory life sentence without the possibility of parole in addition to the maximum 25 years in prison for first-degree arson, a Class B Felony. Both sentences will be served consecutively. She is also ordered to pay $150,000 to the heirs of Timothy Pasa and his estate.

After brief arguments, Judge Sean Showers also denied Barbara Pasa’s petition for a new trial, saying in a written order that she received a fair trial and the evidence supported the jury’s verdict.

Police charged Barbara Pasa in May 2018 with first degree murder and first-degree arson after her husband, Timothy Pasa, was found dead in their home following a fire. An autopsy determined there was no smoke in his lungs, indicating he died prior to the fire. The autopsy determined the cause of death was related to a propofol injection, and investigators concluded the fire had been set intentionally.

Propofol is an anesthetic commonly used in surgeries, and was the drug blamed in the death of pop star Michael Jackson. Barbara Pasa was a circulating nurse in the surgery department at MercyOne Centerville Medical Center at the time of Timothy Pasa’s death.

The couple was considering a divorce prior to his death, per testimony from Barbara Pasa and others during the trial. She had recently increased the life insurance she carried on Timothy Pasa.

“In order for a person to do this, there has to be a level of malice, heinousness, and a lot of evil intent,” said Showers. “After review of the PSI [Presentence Investigation Report] and Ms. Pasa’s comments, it’s clear that she has not taken any responsibility for killing her husband, the father of her children. Certainly, Tim Pasa would’ve liked to see his children graduate high school. He would’ve like to see them grow into adults. He would’ve liked to walk his daughter down the aisle. Ms. Pasa, you took that away from them and him on that day. The overwhelming evidence demonstrates that.”

A victim impact statement from Cheryl Pasa, Timothy Pasa’s sister, was given during the sentencing.

“Whatever sentence Barbara receives will not bring our Tim back to life, but it will alleviate her influence on Owen and Kate,” read Sheryl Pasa’s statement. “I loved my brother and believed that he deserved so much better in this situation. Tim Pasa was an easy-going, gentle, unpretentious man raised in a loving family. Tim’s passions were Owen and Kate and his music. He was not interested in the social events outside of those events that involved family. I will not ever understand how Barbara’s desire for money and status could equate to these horrific acts as solutions. I hope and pray that Owen and Kate will not be permanently scarred by her actions.”

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