Work Wellness

Ed Thomas, Iowa Department of Education Health & Physical Education consultant, speaks at Oskaloosa High School Friday.

Working on feeling better at work and beyond is key.

On Friday, The Mahaska Wellness Coalition, Oskaloosa School District and the Oskaloosa Area Chamber & Development Group co-sponsored a presentation for the business community on this issue.

Ed Thomas, Iowa Department of Education Health & Physical Education Consultant and Associate Professor of Health & Movement Science at Graceland University, gave a training session to business community members that focused on the techniques to advocate health and wellness in the workplace.

Those attending gained effective information on making simple, affordable, changes at work to create a more positive working environment. This included everything from how people place desks or computers to how physical activity relates to the work environment.

One of the areas Thomas addressed was “flexion,” which occurs when a person is sitting and leaning forward at their desk at work.

The angle of one’s hips while at work is also something to keep in mind, Thomas said. He noted that a 60 degree hip angle is not only what folks should try and maintain, but that it is what is naturally good for the body.

There are many different devices on the market, which can help people sit at a 60 degree angle at work, noted Thomas.


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