OSKALOOSA— This week, the Herald catches up with Alexis Westercamp.

Westercamp started off her collegiate career at Indian Hills Community College to play softball. Now that her first two years are done at IHCC she has decided to finish her academic and athletic career at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa. Westercamp graduated from Oskaloosa in 2017.

When asked what made her choose Indian Hills she said, “It was closer to home, more affordable and it just seemed like the atmosphere of a sport that I wanted to be in and it was somewhere that I'd play and not just sit the bench for two years.”

Westercamp said the coach was a factor in her choice of Briar Cliff University after IHCC.

“I really liked the coach and she really made me feel like I was going to be an impact player on the team and not just someone who was just gonna be there," she said. "It just makes me feel like I am going to be important there and I am gonna break records and do amazing things there.” She also said she got a really good scholarship."

In high school, Westercamp played softball, basketball, volleyball and ran track.

She chose to play softball in college because she joked around saying no one wanted her for basketball. But in all seriousness, she chose to play softball because its the sport that shes always have had the most fun doing and just enjoyed doing the most.

The first two years at IHCC went really well for Westercamp.

IHCC record was 46-12 overall and 10-2 in conference play her freshman year. Her sophomore and final year at Hills they went 42-18 overall, 10-2 in conference play and made it to nationals which was played in St. George, Utah.

“Last year we were supposed to go to nationals and didn’t so that was heartbreaking but then this year we were able to go to nationals and I was able to be with Bear (Alexis Groet) which is nice to have the dual back and someone who I have been catching for 10 years,” she said. "Then finishing 8 at the national tournament was great with a great group of girls.”

The difference between playing a college sport and a high school sport for Westercamp is the speed of the game.

“College is a lot faster, its more competitive, you have everyone who wants to be there," she said. "You pull girls from teams that were the number four hitter or the best player on their high school team and you put them all on the same team to have a successful team.”

In high school, Westercamp was a catcher for the Indians. In college, she is playing the same position.

Westercamp's favorite memory from high school was winning the state championship her junior year. Her favorite memory from college so far is going to the National tournament and seeing how beautiful it was out there.

Westercamp is majoring in behavior analysis. Her future plans are to continue to play softball at Briar Cliff University and to continue to coach softball. She is currently the junior varsity coach for Eddyville.