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Local students throw themselves into auditioning for the 2019 Missoula Children’s Theatre production of “King Arthur.” Auditions for the 2020 production of Pinocchio are 4 to 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 13.

OSKALOOSA – The George Daily Auditorium is calling all children, ages 5–18, to come out and audition for the The Missoula Children’s Theater on Monday, Jan. 13, from 4 to 6 p.m

The Missoula Children’s Theater is looking to cast 60 children for their adaptation of Pinocchio.

In one week, the children chosen to participate will learn an hourlong musical to perform Saturday, Jan. 18, George Daily Community Auditorium Educational Director Andy McGuire said.

“It’s a pretty intense week for children, but it’s a really unique experience,” he said. “The feedback we get always comes back to the experiences; it’s very high energy and the kids have fun doing it.”

Outside of the age requirement, the only other requirement to audition is registration. Each child must be registered to audition, and registration is free of charge. Registration can be done online or parents can pick up a form from the George Daily Auditorium during normal business hours. Registration will also be available the day of auditions at the auditorium.

Once the child is registered, McGuire said the only thing they would need to bring is a smile.

All children are encouraged to come out and audition, even those that are stage shy. For students sixth grade and up who want to participate backstage, there are four stagehand positions available.

“If you have always thought, ‘maybe I want to be on stage for something,’ this is a really good opportunity to do it, with a very low-pressure, first interaction with a bunch of friends,” he said. “Even if you aren’t sure you want to be on stage, for at least for middle school and up, there’s the opportunity to be an assistant director.

“So we will have a student running lights for the show, and we will have students backstage who are doing those tech things, as well. So even if you’re nervous about being on stage, you still have the opportunity to participate.”

The auditorium is expecting 80 children to show up for auditions. While every child that show up may not be selected to participate, McGuire feels the experience alone is a learning lesson

“It’s a really good opportunity where even if you don’t make it, you can come back to see the show and you can kind of deal with [the fact that] not everything, or not all the time, you get what you’re expecting.

According to George Daily Community Auditorium Educational Director Andy McGuire, this is the 21st year that the Missoula Children’s Theater has come to Oskaloosa to cast and perform with children in the area.

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