PELLA -- VGK, Inc. of Pella has been chosen by Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Channel to be featured on “Manufacturing Marvels.” This company showcase will spotlight the company, its products and its customers.

VGK, Inc. of Pella manufactures an oil free, stainless steel meat trolley system for packing plants. This state-of-the-art meat trolley and matching radius stainless steel rail solves a significant contamination issue in these plants. Traditionally, meat packers use trolley oil to keep steel trolleys and rails from rusting and to hold in suspension. However, steel shavings contamination is caused by metal-to-metal contact from wheel to rail. This black speck contamination inevitably falls on the carcass and is required to be trimmed.

The VGK trolley combines stainless steel with plastic to form a wheel that requires no oil and eliminates metal-to-metal contact from wheel to rail, thus no trimming from black specks. The VGK wheel runs for years versus months for the old steel wheel.

VGK is represented nationally by Bunzl Processor Division. Some of its customers include Seaboard Foods of Guymon Okla.; Triumph Foods of St Joseph, Mo.; Indiana Packers of Delphi, Ind.; and in Iowa, STF-Seaboard Triumph Foods of Sioux City and Prestage Foods of Eagle Grove.

The VGK “Manufacturing Marvels” segment will air at 9:30 p.m. Central Time on July 14.

For further information, contact Verlan Van Dyke at 800-845-6551 or visit

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