With winter weather here or on the way, the United States Postal Service reminds customers to clear paths to their mailbox.

Letter carriers are on the front line of severe weather conditions, and doorstep deliveries, painted porches and steps can grow hazardous.

Salt and rubber-backed mats do help, but the USPS prefers clear paths. Rain before snow creates ice and also poses hazards for letter carriers.

“To ensure a seamless delivery during this winter storm, please clear the path to your mailboxes and front doors,” said Nicole Hill, USPS strategic communications specialist for the Northland and Hawkeye District. “Our employees are working hard to connect their customers with their mail and packages. While this weather will pose a challenge for our carriers, clearing the snow and ice will help tremendously."

Residents who received delivery to curbside mailboxes must also keep the approach to and exit from the mailbox clear of snow and any other objects, particularly trash cans or other vehicles.

USPS also advises other drivers to be weary of slow-moving postal trucks, other vehicles or carriers on foot, as they tend to go slower as conditions worsen

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