IOWA — You can still have fun on the water while wearing a life jacket and boating responsibly. Here are the top 8 excuses not to wear a life jacket heard from boaters:

1. "I have life jackets on board."

Having life jackets on board the vessel is not enough. Accidents happen too fast to put on a stowed life jacket.

2. "I'm a strong swimmer."

Even a strong swimmer needs to wear a life jacket. During an emergency, clothing can become heavy or waterlogged while in the water.

3. "It's too hot."

Old-fashioned, bulky orange life jackets have been replaced with new styles, like inflatable life jackets that may resemble a pair of suspenders or a belt pack. These are much cooler in the warmer weather.

4. "It gets in the way."

There are life jacket styles for every body type and for any recreational water activity - fishing, water sports, hunting, paddling and more. There are even styles and designs for pets!

5. "Nothing is going to happen to me."

Face it, accidents happen. Boating can be a fun, safe and enjoyable activity, but when the "Wear It!" message is ignored, the consequences can be grim.

6. "I can't show off my 6 pack."

Your abdominal muscles can't save you from drowning. A single properly fitted life jacket can.

7. "They don't look cool."

Old-fashioned, bulky orange life jackets have been replaced with new styles that have various designs and colors to meet everyone's personality. There are inflatable life jackets that may slim and stylish or they come in a special belt pack. You can use any style available that looks to compliment your natural good looks.

8. "I will put it on later when I need it."

Later is too late. When accidents and emergencies happen, it is too late to put on a life jacket. You can't undo an accident, and you cannot undo a drowning. You can prevent a drowning. Wear a life jacket and you won't have to worry about later, because you will be prepared.

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