Sirovy sworn in to Osky Police Department

Alex DeJong/The HeraldAlex Sirovy is sworn in as a new Oskaloosa Police Officer by Oskaloosa Mayor David Krutzfeldt. Sirovy's wife, Heather, accompanies him.

OSKALOOSA— Alex Sirovy was sworn into the Oskaloosa Police Department during the Oskaloosa City Council meeting on Monday, June 3.

During the meeting, there were discussions about Sanitary Sewer System improvements projected by Visu-Sewer, Inc. There was also talk about considering an appointment to the Planning and Zoning Commission and council member Diane Ottosson talked about fixing up the Edmondson Park.

Oskaloosa Police Officer Alex Sirovy sworn in

Oskaloosa Mayor David Krutzfeld said Sirovy is originally from Oskaloosa and completed his Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science at Indian Hills community college.

"Alex has worked for the Oskaloosa Police Department for almost two and a half years in the capacity of a Community Service Officer," he said. "He has an approximate total of seven and a half years in the law enforcement field. His parents are Sarah Crosby and Edward Sirovy. Alex enjoys watching NFL games, hunting, fishing, being a dad, and grilling out with family and friends.”

Sirovy was joined by his wife, Heather, who pinned on his badge. He also had several other family members in the crowd including his children.

Planning and zoning commission

There is a vacancy on the Planning and Zoning Commission with a term that expires on April 30, 2020. The City received an application of interest from a resident, Scott Moore.

There are currently four men and two women on the commission, with one vacancy. The consideration for the reappointment of Scoot Moore to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a term was passed.

Completion of sanitary sewer system improvements project approved

For phase one of division two of the project, the retainage cost $37,131.75. For phase two of division two, it was 56,870.93.

City Council member Tom Walling asked if Visu-Sewer sleeved this project or if they just cleaned it.

City Manager Michael Schrock said, “This is just not cleaned. They actually got in and injected a filter in it.”

The lining that is put in the pipes is not that thick.

City council reports

Council member Diane Ottosson talked about better serving the children of the community.

"I am a member of the Oskaloosa Kiwanis Club for 20 years now and over the past several months we have been talking about what we might be able to do to better serve the children of the community and so we've met with city staff and are going to initiate some community organization to look at future development of the playground at Edmondson Park. We know that there are some needs there that need to be addressed,” she said. "We are starting to look at what our options are, cost and design and all sorts of those factors."