School is in session for the summer at OES

Herald file photoOskaloosa Elementary School

OSKALOOSA— Teachers say summer school is important because its a way to maintain and not lose any academic progress over the summer.

Oskaloosa Elementary School provides summer school for students from kindergarten through third grade. It started June 3, the Monday after school got out and ends June 28. They averaged around 70 students a day.

The students are split up into two groups. Kindergarten and first grade are with four teachers and the second and third graders are with four teachers.

Mike Dursky, the principal at OES said summer school is kind of a maintenance program so that they work with students to help them maintain and not lose any academic progress over the summer.

Dursky explained what goes on at summer school.

“Our students arrive at 8 a.m., we eat breakfast and we have little gym time," he said. "Then at 8:30 a.m., we start instruction time and when our kids are here they do two things: they have reading for part of the morning and math for part of the morning.”

Katie Trainer, a teacher at OES added that it's a small group setting because they have fewer kids than during the regular school year.

Jenny Braundmeier, also a teacher at OES, added that they rotate their groups, get recess, get a snack and then they do read aloud. They also spend some time doing computer work.

Dursky believes summer school helps with relationships with the students and teachers and also helps students get more individual help.

“With the smaller class sizes, it really helps with the relationship that the teachers and students have and I think that's the number one thing,” he said. “Two, the smaller group sizes give teachers and the students more individualize help to work in their concerning areas and they can intensify the instructions during that time."

Trainer said the groups are really flexible.

"So we can see if they focus on one skill," she said, "and we'll talk, 'oh you know we need to step around that,' and we're able to focus on that instruction."

Students stay busy, have fun, and learn a lot during summer school.

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