Alicia Ritenour photo

MAHASKA COUNTY — A new jury trial for Alicia Ritenour has been scheduled for Sept. 30 in Henry County.

Ritenour, who was convicted in 2014 of first degree murder and child endangerment resulting in the death of her daughter, Ava, was granted a new trial in December of 2018.

At that time, Judge Daniel Wilson criticized Ritenour's then-attorney and said Michael Adams' handling of the case "fell short of basic standards for a defense attorney."

The venue for the trial has been moved from South Lee County to Henry County due to the change in trial date.

Other court filings show Ritenour's bond review has been overruled and denied. Ritenour argued she was neither a safety nor flight risk and should be released from custody under pretrial supervision by correctional services and other appropriate conditions of release.

Ritenour's bond is set at $300,000, and allows 10 percent cash deposit with pretrial supervision if the bond is filed.

The response from the court cited several reasons for denying the bond review, including the charge of murder in the first degree, which is a class A felony and the most serious criminal offense under Iowa law.

While Ritenour's financial circumstances do not allow her to post the current bond, the court concluded it is not obligated to set bond in an amount every defendant can afford to pay. The bond review also stated in consideration of the nature of the offense, the court believes there is a great risk of flight to avoid prosecution.