For close to 50 years, Aging Resources of Central Iowa, as a private, non-profit, has been supporting older adults in staying in their homes. We help fund services and are available to answer any questions that you may have regarding resources in Marion County. Our specialists can help make you aware of services that you might not even know are available to you or programs that can aid you in staying in your home.

Twenty years ago, Aging Resources and all Area Agencies on Aging around the country began to realize that family caregivers also needed information about available services, education about diseases, and emotional support as they care for ill spouses, aging parents, or disabled adults. Aging Resources has assisted many caregivers with respite time from their caregiving responsibilities as well as other supports which enhance the caregiver’s ability to continue caring for the older or disabled adults.

If you have questions about caring for yourself or someone else, please contact Aging Resources at 515-255-1310.

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