Bee Emergency

Vern Ramsey, a longtime beekeeper, discusses bee-related emergency situations with the Back to Beesics Beekeepers Club at the ISU Extension Building Friday night.

It can be a difficult situation to handle.

Honey bee-related emergency situations may not be as common as vehicle accidents or house  fires, but they can prove to be incredibly difficult to  handle.

At a meeting of the bee-keeper’s group, Back to Beesics, Friday night at the ISU Extension building, Vern Ramsey warned of what can happen in a situation where thousands of bees begin attacking people. Ramsey, a bee-keeper with 25 years experience, is also president of the Southeast Iowa Beekeepers club.

One bee-related emergency situation Ramsey discussed involved a truck carrying bee hives being involved in a crash, which releases thousands of agitated bees. At times, these trucks can carry 300 to 500 hives at a time, each with thousands of bees in them.

When agitated, these bees can attack people and it is possible for a person to die from bee stings, noted Ramsey.

“People move bees in Iowa regularly,” said Ramsey.


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